The Marketing Opportunity Discussion Assignment

The Marketing Opportunity Discussion Assignment
Follow the outline and guidelines below to complete your Marketing Opportunity assignment.
Section 1 Based on the continued research that you have completed so far, review your Week 1 Paper. Then write a refined and expanded statement of your entrepreneurial marketing opportunity.
Section 2 Consider all aspects of what you are planning. Provide a preliminary evaluation of your marketing idea. In essence, write an expanded answer to the question “Does a sufficient and economically viable market exist to launch, sustain, and build on your marketing idea?” Be sure to explain why or why not. How long are you planning for this business to be financially viable? Why? How do you know this? Capture and outline any facets of the marketing opportunity that was not included in any of the above information.
The Marketing Opportunity Discussion Assignment
Section 3 Include an estimate of the potential market for the next 5 years. Use the DeVry University library, and research articles and information related to your entrepreneurial marketing idea. Is what you are proposing possible? Why? Use as realistic and conservative estimates of revenue as possible based on your research.
Section 4 Who are your consumers? Provide overview of targeted customers, consumer base and rational. One expanded way to look at this is to consider who are not your customers? And then, write this section for those included.
Section 5 References Provide appropriate references for all outside sourced information included in this assignment. Use APA style for both the in-text citations as well as the corresponding references. Remember, with limited exceptions, every in-text citation must have a corresponding entry in this references section. See the appropriate section in Student Resources within this course for additional information related to the APA style of writing (Writing Resources: APA). Although there isn’t an expected minimum number of in-text citations or references required for this assignment, a good benchmark to consider is at least two citations. One of the citations may be the course textbook, if appropriate.

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