The Musculoskeletal System Assignment Help

The Musculoskeletal System Assignment Help
The Musculoskeletal System Assignment Help
1. Can a correlation between the two data sets be observed?
(A) Yes, regardless of whether the study areas overlapped
(B) No, no correlation is observed.
(C) Yes, assuming that the study areas were congruent
(D) No, even if the areas overlapped
2. Assuming that a correlation exists, what is the most likely explanation?
(A) The peaks and valleys correlate with average temperatures.
(B) The peaks correlate with increased rainfall.
(C) The peaks correlate with excessive winter conditions.
(D) The valleys indicate increased predation.
3. Assuming that average rainfall in inches per year was added to the Y axis,
what would that curve most likely look like?
(A) Similar rises and falls immediately preceding curve A
(B) A fairly flat curve running roughly parallel to the X axis
(C) Similar rises and falls immediately following curve B
(D) Similar rises and falls roughly running between curves A and B
4. What additional information would be most disruptive to the interpretation of these data?
(A) Accidental combination of data concerning two different species of
(B) A loss of data collected during six months of year 4
(C) Identification of curve A as the coyote and curve B as the prairie dog
(D) A methodological error that missed 30 percent of the animals in both
The Musculoskeletal System Assignment Help
5. Which is the most likely explanation for the curves represented?
(A) Increased numbers of predators caused them to turn upon themselves.
(B) The prey species improved its ability to elude predators.
(C) The increased numbers of prey species intimidated the predators into
leaving the study area.
(D) The increased number of predators decreased the number of prey as a
result of increased predation.
6. Thin filaments of the muscle cell are composed of all of the following
(A) actin.
(B) troponin.
(C) tropomyosin.
(D) myosin binding sites.
(E) myosin.
422. If half of the calcium present in a muscle cell leaked out of the cell into the
surrounding tissue, what would occur?
(A) Muscle strength would increase.
(B) Signal strength from the neuron to the muscle would increase.
(C) The action potential within the adjacent neuron would be dampened.
(D) The force of contraction of the muscle cell would decrease.
(E) The muscle cell would contract with its normal strength.
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423. Bone tissue is best associated with the storage of
(A) calcium.
(B) water.
(C) sodium.
(D) proteins.
(E) potassium.
424. Which of the following correctly describes smooth muscle?
(A) Smooth muscle tissue is localized only along the digestive system.
(B) Smooth muscle cells are striated and under involuntary control.
(C) Smooth muscle tissues are best associated with bony structures.
(D) Smooth muscle tissues provide for long-term slow contractions.
(E) Smooth muscle contractions are under voluntary control.
425. Which of the following are NOT bones of the skull?
(A) Maxilla and mandible
(B) Palatine and sphenoid
(C) Tarsals and metatarsals
(D) Parietal and occipital
(E) Ethmoid and zygomati
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