The Original Spanish settlers in South America

The Original Spanish settlers in South America
The Original Spanish settlers in South America
1. Spanish colonies in the Americas were notable for their
(A) religious freedom
(B) self-government
(C) extractive economies
(D) adoption of native culture
2. The Spanish encomienda was modeled on the
(A) medieval university
(B) Spanish parliament
(C) Inquisition
(D) feudal manor
3. Which of the following terms referred to the descendants of the
original Spanish settlers in South America?
(A) Creoles
(B) peninsulares
(C) mulattos
(D) mestizos
4. As a result of the Treaty of Tordesillas (1494),
(A) Spain claimed all of the Americas except Brazil while Portugal
claimed all rights of trade in Africa, Asia, and the East Indies
(B) Portugal took control over parts of coastal India
(C) the British were given exclusive rights to the slave trade
between Africa and the Spanish colonies in the Western
(D) Portugal gained most favored nation trade status with Japan
The Original Spanish settlers in South America
5. The reason Bartolome de Las Casas wrote his book chronicling the
conduct of the Spanish in Latin America was
(A) to expose the flawed principles that Roman Catholicism was
founded on
(B) in revenge for not being named viceroy of Cuba
(C) to inform the authorities in Spain about the abuses committed in
Latin America
(D) to be named viceroy of all of Spain’s Latin American
6. Prior to the Age of Discovery in the 15th century and excepting the
Viking settlement of Greenland, Europe’s major attempt at expansion
and colonization beyond the confines of the continent was
(A) the Spanish invasion of North Africa
(B) the Crusaders brief occupation of the Middle East
(C) Britain’s occupation of India
(D) Russia’s expansion into Central Asia
7. All of the following were factors that prompted the Portuguese to
explore overseas trade routes and establish colonies EXCEPT
(A) the desire to spread Christianity to non-Christians
(B) the search for African gold
(C) advances in navigational technology either developed by the
Portuguese or assimilated from advances of the Muslims and
(D) the hope of finding a shorter route to Japan
The Original Spanish settlers in South America
8. Which of the following stimulated the need to find a route to the
(A) Goods passing through Ottoman and Venetian territories
became too expensive as a result of heavy taxation.
(B) Once the Ottoman Turks brought down the Byzantine Empire,
they cut off all East-West trade between Europe and Asia.
(C) There were difficulties in traversing the vast deserts of the Silk
(D) Constant wars between the Ottomans and the Mongols made the
Middle East and Central Asia too dangerous to travel for
European merchants.
9. All of the following resulted from the discovery of new trade routes
during the 16th century EXCEPT
(A) the Silk Road declined as a major trade route uniting Asia and
(B) the costs of goods were reduced for Europeans
(C) demand in Europe was stimulated for overseas goods
(D) Germany rose as a European power
10. Portugal and Spain were able to attain overseas colonies because of
(A) their superior firearms and sea power
(B) fair financial compensation to local rulers
(C) treaties with local leaders
(D) their ability to defeat England and France in mainland wars and
acquiring their colonies
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