The paper is due by august 23rd, 9pm pst. less than 22 hours from now

 The paper is due by August 23rd, 9PM PST. less than 22 hours from now -The paper must be exactly 1000 words. (Not including headers, title page and works cited) Please use size 12 font, double spaced in Times New Roman or Arial. -Please read the prompt below and the attached guidelines carefully before starting. Promtp: Imagine that in the elections this November, Joe Biden wins the presidency and the Democratic Party holds on to its majority in the House of Representatives and wins a small majority in the Senate. As they take office in January 2021, the Democrats decide they can focus on solving one big problem facing the country, and they narrow it down to the following two: 1. Inclusion of Black Americans 2. Reduction of income and wealth inequality Which of these two would you recommend they focus on? Why? (You don′t need to specify particular policy changes they should make in pursuit of the goal.) 

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