The Role of Bureaucracy and Courts

The Role of Bureaucracy and Courts
The Role of Bureaucracy and Courts
1. Over the past 50 years, the Supreme Court has been reluctant to make
strong decisions against the use of military force or foreign relations
(A) it does not want to create new policy
(B) it wants to remain neutral on international questions
(C) these are political questions best resolved by Congress and the
(D) little precedent has been established
(E) there is a jurisdictional question to the issue
2. The Supreme Court has been more aggressive in its adjudication of certain
executive and congressional determinations, such as immigration policy,
(A) they represent a gray area between foreign and domestic policy
(B) the court believes this is an executive authority
(C) the court believes this is a legislative authority
(D) the court believes the judiciary has authority
(E) recent legislation has been unclear
3. Bureaucracies that mix legislative and executive powers have led the
Supreme Court to adopt a highly formal separation of powers doctrine due
(A) the power it gives the executive branch
(B) the violation of Article I of the Constitution
(C) the power it gives the legislative branch
(D) the influence it has over policy
(E) the power it has over the federal budget
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4. The president has been subjected to judicial controls and procedures
(A) to limit the reach of executive authority
(B) to deny absolute executive privilege
(C) to rectify the problems caused by divided government
(D) because Congress has been ineffective at checking the executive
(E) All of the above
5. Until the New Deal in the 1930s, judicial attitudes toward the U.S.
political process were republican, meaning
(A) they favored Republicans
(B) they protected property from legislative majorities
(C) they favored the institutions of democracy
(D) they did not appreciate or consider arguments for democracy over
(E) they wanted to expand political freedoms
The Role of Bureaucracy and Courts
7. Unlike the other branches of government and bureaucracy, the judiciary
can change policy only if
(A) it deems such changes necessary through judicial writ
(B) a case is brought to its attention and is within its jurisdiction
(C) the change is requested by one of the other branches
(D) the change is requested by a majority of the states
(E) None of the above
8. Bush V. Gore demonstrated the importance of the Supreme Court by
(A) having it settle perhaps the most contentious presidential race in
modern American history
(B) designating it the final arbiter of a decision that had broad political
and policy implications
(C) placing it beyond the reach and influence of public opinion
(D) the fact that it was not damaged by its controversial and seemingly political decision
(E) All of the above
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9. The judiciary can influence policy on all governmental levels through
(A) trials
(B) decisions
(C) interpretation of the law
(D) Supreme Court rulings
(E) public participation in juries
10. The U.S. Postal Service is the best representation of what type of
(A) Indirect administration
(B) Independent government corporation
(C) Independent regulatory commission
(D) Independent executive agency
(E) Independent congressional agency
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