The US Industries and Industrial Policy

The US Industries and Industrial Policy
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The US Industries and Industrial Policy
1. The first modern industry to develop in
India was
(a) Iron and Steel Industry
(b) Cement Industry
(c) Computer Industry
(d) Food Processing Industry
2. Which one of the following states is
industrially the most advanced state in
India? [WBCS 2007]
(a) Punjab
(b) Tamil Nadu
(c) Gujarat
(d) Maharashtra
3. A labour intensive industry is one that
[UPPSC 2006]
(a) require hard manual labour
(b) pay adequate wages to the labour
(c) employs more hands
(d) provide facilities to labour
4. By the late 19th century, India was one of
the largest producers and exporters of
(a) cotton yarn and wheat [NDA/NA2014]
(b) sugar and rice
(c) sugar and alcohol
(d) iron and steel
5. When was the Maharatna Scheme
(a) 15th May, 2009 (b) 19th May, 2009
(c) 19th May, 2010 (d) 15th May, 2010
6. Which one of the following Public
Sector Enterprises (PSEs) is not of
Navratna Status PSEs?
(a) Rural Electrification Corporation
(b) Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited
(c) Shipping Corporation of India Limited
(d) Bharat Dynamics Limited
7. Which one of the following is not a
feature of Limited Liability Partnership
Firm? [IAS (Pre) 2010]
(a) Partners should be less than 20.
(b) Partners and management need not
to be separate.
(c) Internal governance should be
decided by mutual agreement among
(d) It is a corporate body with perpetual
8. Classification of an enterprise into public
or private sector is based on
(a) number of employees in the
(b) ownership of assets of the enterprise.
(c) employment conditions for workers in
the enterprise.
(d) nature of products manufactured by
the enterprise.
9. Container Corporation of India Limited
(CONCOR), a public sector undertaking
is under the administration control of
which of the following ministries?
(a) Heavy industry [CDS 2007]
(b) Small scale
(c) Ministry of Railways
(d) Shipping, Road Transport and
10. Which of the following industries were
established by the Walehand Group of
companies prior to independence?
I. Hindustan Aircraft
II. Scindia Steam Navigation
III. Premier Automobiles
IV. Hindustan Motors [MPSC 2015]
(a) II, III and IV (b) I, II and III
(c) I, II and IV (d) I, III and IV
11. Consider the following Industrial subsectors.
I. Atomic Energy
II. Railway Transport
III. National Highways
Which of the Industrial sub-sectors
given above is/are not privatised/
(a) I, II and III (b) I and II
(c) I and III (d) Only II
12. Consider the following Public Sector
Enterprises (PSEs).
I. Steel Authority of India Limited
II. Indian Oil Corporation Limited
III. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation
IV. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
Which of the PSEs given above are
‘Maharatna PSU’ in India?
(a) I, II, III and IV
(b) I, II and III
(c) II and III
(d) II and IV
13. Which of the following industries fell
under the purview of industrial
licensing that requires compulsory
I. Coal and lignite
II. Hazardous chemicals
III. Drugs and pharmaceuticals
IV. Electronic, aerospace and all types
of defense equipment
V. Animal fats and oils
Choose the correct answer using the
codes given below.
(a) II and IV
(b) I and II
(c) I, II, III and IV
(d) I, II, III, IV and V
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