Theoretical Conceptual Framework On Shadow Banking And Effects On World Economy

rewrite and increase the Theoretical/Conceptual Framework below by two pages to a total of 3 pages. following the requirements listed.
☐ Describe the guiding theoretical/conceptual framework of the study, including the definitions of all the concepts, an explanation of the relationships among the concepts, and a presentation of all the assumptions and propositions.
☐ Explain the origin and development of the framework. Demonstrate detailed knowledge of and familiarity with both the historical and the current literature on the framework.
☐ Identify existing research studies that used this framework in a similar way. Mention alternative frameworks, with a justification of why the selected framework was chosen.
☐ Describe how and why the selected framework relates to the present study and how it guided the development of the problem statement, purpose statement, and research questions.
key factors to be added and described
maturity transformation: obtaining short-term funds to invest in longer-term assets;
liquidity transformation: a concept similar to maturity transformation that entails using cash-like liabilities to buy harder-to-sell assets such as loans; ­
leverage: employing techniques such as borrowing money to buy fixed assets to magnify the potential gains (or losses) on an investment;
credit risk transfer: taking the risk of a borrower’s default and transferring it from the originator of the loan to another party.
banking licenses; depository bank, hedge funds, structured investment vehicles, special purpose entity conduits, money market funds, repurchase agreement, non-bank financial institutions, money market funds
APA style
Theoretical/Conceptual Framework
The shadow banking system comes out as a financial system that is heavily regulated and monitored, but has numerous differences in regulation and requirements, when compared to traditional formal banking system. Each country’s financial system is a economic contributor in the financial market is given a consideration for their population and contribution to the overall performance and existence of financial services in the economies of the countries in this study (Valdez

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