Thin Filaments of The Muscle Cell Discussion

Thin Filaments of The Muscle Cell Discussion
Thin Filaments of The Muscle Cell Discussion
1. Thin filaments of the muscle cell are composed of all of the following
(A) actin.
(B) troponin.
(C) tropomyosin.
(D) myosin binding sites.
(E) myosin.
2. If half of the calcium present in a muscle cell leaked out of the cell into the
surrounding tissue, what would occur?
(A) Muscle strength would increase.
(B) Signal strength from the neuron to the muscle would increase.
(C) The action potential within the adjacent neuron would be dampened.
(D) The force of contraction of the muscle cell would decrease.
(E) The muscle cell would contract with its normal strength.
The Musculoskeletal System ‹ 103
3. Bone tissue is best associated with the storage of
(A) calcium.
(B) water.
(C) sodium.
(D) proteins.
(E) potassium.
4. Which of the following correctly describes smooth muscle?
(A) Smooth muscle tissue is localized only along the digestive system.
(B) Smooth muscle cells are striated and under involuntary control.
(C) Smooth muscle tissues are best associated with bony structures.
(D) Smooth muscle tissues provide for long-term slow contractions.
(E) Smooth muscle contractions are under voluntary control.
5. Which of the following are NOT bones of the skull?
(A) Maxilla and mandible
(B) Palatine and sphenoid
(C) Tarsals and metatarsals
(D) Parietal and occipital
(E) Ethmoid and zygomatic
6. Which of the following muscle combinations works synergistically?
(A) Sartorius and hamstring
(B) Biceps and triceps
(C) Pectoralis major and trapezius
(D) Quadriceps and biceps
(E) Hamstring and gastrocnemius
427. Which of the following is NOT true concerning the vertebrae?
(A) There are seven cervical vertebrae.
(B) The coccyx is composed of seven fused bones.
(C) The lumbar region is located below the thoracic region.
(D) The sacrum connects the coccyx to the lumbar vertebrae.
(E) The vertebrae protect portions of the CNS.
428. A fibrous joint is best described as
(A) immovable.
(B) a joint similar to the knee or elbow.
(C) slightly movable.
(D) a joint similar to that which connects the sternum to the adjacent cartilage.
(E) highly movable.
104 › McGraw-Hill Education 500 MCAT: Biology
429. The best concept related to a sarcomere is that it
(A) is the place where a bone attaches to muscle tissue.
(B) is another name for a muscle cell.
(C) contains the postsynaptic receptors of a muscle.
(D) stores calcium needed for muscle contraction.
(E) is the contractile unit of the myofibril.
430. Which of the following is NOT a primary function of the skeletal system?
(A) It provides support for movement.
(B) It is essential for cellular metabolism.
(C) It is the primary reservoir for calcium and phosphate.
(D) It provides for hematopoiesis.
(E) It protects the organs.
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