This course provides you an opportunity to integrate the business

This course provides you an opportunity to integrate the business knowledge and skills you gained throughout your core courses and apply them in an online, interactive strategy simulation. In the simulation, you will collaborate in assigned teams to run a regional airline carrier. Your team will create objectives and a strategy, and make decisions for the airline for eight periods of simulated quarters. The simulation contains a schedule with deadlines for all periods. Your instructor will also post a schedule for all your required assignments for the course.
Procure the Airline simulation from the Capella University Bookstore. Use the instructions sent to you by the bookstore to access the simulation.
You will complete some of the course assignments as part of a team and some of them individually. For all team assignments, you will receive a team grade—each team member will receive the same grade. Individual peer-review assignments are included to help keep you accountable to your team and ensure that everyone contributes to the team assignments.
Formulate Your Airline’s Strategy (Team Assignment)
Read the Airline Student Manual on the Airline online simulation from Interpretive Simulations. Communicate with the members of your assigned team to collaborate on the first team assignment, Formulating Your Airline’s Strategy – Team, due in Unit 1. Use whatever means of communication your team finds most suitable for collaboration. With the members of your assigned team, formulate a team strategy, using the summary on page 6 and the details in Section 3 of the Airline Student Manual for guidance. As a group, write a report documenting your team’s strategy
Attached you find the descriptions of the roles. I have VP of Human Resources.
Also, You will find a sample report.
my main focus for this assignment is a 2 page paper on:

An explanation of how you plan to run your airline. Support your plan with at least three referenced sources.

If you need anything else from me let me know.
Excerpt from IGuide – Unit 1 Assignment
Important: Each member of the team must submit a copy of the team document to their own assignment area to be graded, and each member must submit the same document. However, each of you will receive a team grade.
Your airline’s strategy should contain the following:

A name for your airline. You will work with your team to create a name and a strategy for your airline.
A mission and vision for your airline that illustrates your basic philosophy. (Will you be aggressive or conservative? Or, will you be disruptive and creative?)
An explanation of how you plan to run your airline. Support your plan with at least three referenced sources.
A communication strategy for your team. This should be a paragraph or two telling how your team intends to communicate, such as group discussion forum, email, Skype, et cetera, to discuss things and work on decisions.

This is a great chance for your team to be creative! Design a logo, develop a slogan, and so on. You are not required to follow any particular format. However, your airline’s strategy should look professional and address all the elements completely. Review the Airline Strategy: Sample Report document given in the resources just to get an idea of the content required.
Your airline’s strategy should be a fairly detailed report of approximately 5–10 pages. You must use references or citations from at least three professional or industry-related resources within your report. Be sure you follow APA sixth edition guidelines for all citations and references.
*Please stay tuned for updated emails as we progress. I would like to get this portion done no later than Saturday, as I do not want to wait until the very last minute to submit this project. By Sunday the latest I would like everything to be in order by then. These details are subject to change, depending on how we progress from here.

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