Traditional Communications Channels One Paragraph Each One Page

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Traditional Communications Channels

Watch the video on Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) and answer the following questions.For this week focus on the offline, traditional, aspects of the plan. That means you are planning for advertising, sales promotion, events and public relations. Next week we will discuss online and social media planning.

Question one

Briefly tell us about your hypothetical business (the one you have created for your four assignments) and describe your target audience in detail.

Question two

Describe the message that you will consistently communicate to this target audience. How will you creatively deliver the message? For example, will you have a celebrity spokesperson, a product demonstration, an emotional appeal, etc.

Question three

How will you use traditional advertising (for examples see page 240 of the ebook), sales promotion (for examples see page 243 of the ebook), events and experiences, and public relations (for examples see pages 246-247 of the ebook).

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Preview YouTube video Integrated Marketing Campaigns – An introduction

Integrated Marketing Campaigns – An introduction

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