Two artworks to describe formally

Virtual Tour
Observation and Criticism paper
Write a on an artwork(s) that you virtually experience.
Choose two works or more artworks to describe formally. (include a photo of the works that you have chosen)
The photos are extra pages and do not count towards the 2 page requirement
General Requirements
2 pages, margins 1 inch, double spaced, Font Times New Roman, font size 12Choose one or more of the links listed for your virtual tour.Use several proofreaders and correct grammar!! (Review the vocabulary on CANVAS) correctly in a fluid sentence. (Not a list!!!! Write about what is in the work)
You must include at least 10 of the following vocabulary words:
Line, form, shape, form, color, value, texture, space, pattern, contrast, emphasis, balance, scale, harmony, rhythm, unity, variety.
Choose words that successfully relate to the work you are discussing.
If you use the word rhythm you must be direct about how rhythm is used by stating a clear example of what is repeated to create the rhythm, what type of rhythm and why is was used. A statement that a work has rhythm with no example will not be counted.
The paper should be a description of the actual object, space, and atmosphere using correct vocabulary from the chapters we have covered in class. (you can choose more than one to compare and contrast the forms and shapes)
Include your interpretation of the meaning or intention of the artist. These conclusions should be supported by the by the piece.

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