Types Of Imperialistic Dominance Discussion

Types Of Imperialistic Dominance Discussion
Types Of Imperialistic Dominance Discussion
1. All of the following are types of imperialistic dominance EXCEPT
(A) colonies
(B) protectorates
(C) spheres of influence
(D) economic imperialism
(E) garrison states
2. The number of Congolese killed in the Belgian Congo under the rule
of Leopold II is estimated at
(A) 10,000
(B) 100,000
(C) 500,000
(D) 5 million
(E) 10 million
3. All of the following were causes of the so-called Sepoy Mutiny
(A) British land policies
(B) British insensitivity to local customs and religions
(C) the introduction of free market competition undermined
traditional power structures and bonds of loyalty
(D) local rivalries between Hindus and Muslims that fanned
nationalistic feelings against the raj
(E) the contempt Britain showed for traditional Indian leaders
Types Of Imperialistic Dominance Discussion
254. The most famous missionary working in Africa in the 1800s was
(A) Henry Stanley
(B) David Livingstone
(C) Charles Gordon
(D) Anthonio Barroso
(E) Mary Slessor
68 ❯ McGraw-Hill’s 500 World History Questions, Volume 2
255. Spectacular victories by indigenous forces over imperialist armies took
place at
(A) Plassey and Khartoum
(B) Little Bighorn and Omdurman
(C) Adowa and Isandlwana
(D) Nanking and Kanpur
(E) Khartoum and Wounded Knee
256. All of the following European nations were involved in imperialistic
enterprises in New Guinea and New Ireland at the end of the 1800s
(A) Portugal
(B) the Netherlands
(C) Germany
(D) Great Britain
(E) France
Types Of Imperialistic Dominance Discussion
257. All of the following were true of the Berlin Conference EXCEPT
(A) no African representatives were present
(B) the signatories called for free trade on the Congo and Niger Rivers
(C) the Principle of Effectivity intensified the scramble for Africa
(D) Portugal’s modern weakness as an imperialist power led the delegates
to refuse to grant it any colonies
(E) King Leopold II’s private claim to the entire Congo Free State was
258. The Anglo-Saxon is “divinely commissioned to be, in a peculiar sense,
his brother’s keeper. . . . Another marked characteristic of the Anglo-Saxon
is what may be called an instinct or genius for colonizing. His unequaled
energy, his indomitable perseverance, and his personal independence,
made him a pioneer.”
The author of this statement is
(A) Mark Twain
(B) Booker T. Washington
(C) Samuel Gompers
(D) Andrew Carnegie
(E) Josiah Strong
Imperialism ❮ 69
259. All of the following nations received so-called spheres of influence in
(A) Great Britain
(B) the United States
(C) France
(D) Germany
(E) Russia
260. The precipitating incident in the Boer War was the
(A) Fashoda Incident
(B) Muldergate Scandal
(C) Jameson Raid
(D) Natives Land Act
(E) slaughter at Omdurman
261. The primary impulse behind American expansion in the late 1800s was the
(A) aspiration to be a world power like Great Britain
(B) need to find a place to invest surplus capital
(C) desire to find cheap labor to manufacture products
(D) wish to spread democracy to underdeveloped nations
(E) need to find markets for surplus production
262. All of the following concepts were used to justify American and European
imperialism EXCEPT
(A) racialism
(B) Social Darwinism
(C) the white man’s burden
(D) root hog, or die
(E) ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny
263. “I contend that we are the first race in the world and that the more of the
world we inhabit, the better it is for the human race. . . . I believe it to
be my duty to God, my Queen and my country to paint the whole map
of Africa red, red from the Cape to Cairo. That is my creed, my dream,
and my mission.”
The author of this quotation is
(A) Theodore Roosevelt
(B) Benjamin Disraeli
(C) William Gladstone
(D) Cecil Rhodes
(E) Paul Kruger
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