Types Of Systems That Use Solar Energy

Types Of Systems That Use Solar Energy
Types Of Systems That Use Solar Energy
1. Passive and active are two types of systems that use solar energy.
Which of the following would be considered an active solar system?
(A) Use heavy blinds on windows to absorb sunlight.
(B) Plant a tree on the east side of a house to keep it cool.
(C) Use skylights to get more sunlight into the home.
(D) Install photovoltaic panels on the roof of your house.
. Solar thermal systems use solar energy to generate high-temperature
heat and electricity. What would be considered a disadvantage for
this type of energy production?
(A) Net energy yield is low.
(B) Large tax breaks are available for these systems.
(C) They can be installed in unusable, arid land areas.
(D) The energy from the sun is free and abundant.
296. What is one disadvantage of using large-scale, solar-cell power plants?
(A) Energy can be transformed and stored during the night or
cloudy days.
(B) These can be connected to wind farms for increased
(C) These can be installed on various hard surfaces, such as on the
roofs of buildings and parking lots.
(D) Greenhouse gases are used to create the parts and materials
297. One disadvantage to tapping dry- or wet- steam geothermal resources
is that
(A) drilling that deeply runs the risk of provoking a volcanic
(B) it is possible to deplete the heat in some underground reservoirs
for a period of time
(C) releasing underground pressure can cause the overlying ground
to sink, cracking buildings and streets
(D) drilling too close to a geologically active fault can increase the
frequency of earthquakes
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