Unit 3 Essay China S Impact On Japan And Korea

You have now read a chapter on the early history of East Asia thatfocused primarily on the history of China but also included the equallyimportant early histories of Japan and Korea. In an essay ofapproximately 800 words, please explain when and how Japan’s and Korea’shistories were impacted by China, but also what was unique about thehistorical development of each. To do so, you will want to take as yourstarting point the period during which East Asia first becomes clearlyidentifiable as a cultural sphere with developed states in each case –roughly, the sixth to eighth centuries. In writing your essay andthinking about its structure, you might consider the followingquestions, although you should make your own judgment about what shouldand should not be included and discussed:

Should the introduction define the term East Asia, the period oftime in East Asian history under consideration, and which countries arebeing included in the discussion?
Should the introduction define clearly the topic that will bediscussed and also offer a tentative assessment? (For example, to whatextent were Japan and Korea impacted by China and to what extent weretheir histories entirely unique?)
Should the essay assess the status of China as of the Tang Dynasty,when Korea and Japan were developing into unified states? (For example,by that point in time, what kinds of political systems and intellectualtraditions had emerged in China?)
Should a concise overview of how a state emerged in both Japan andKorea and the points at which China had an impact on that process begiven?
How did the development of Korea and Japan differ?
How will the essay be concluded? You might reflect on question 5.

Reading Material for the Essay
In addition to reading the reviewing the relevant sections in ourtextbook on China, Japan, and Korea, also review two additional sourcesrelevant to our essay topic.

Chapter 4 sections on the Tang Dynasty and East Asia
The Japanese Missions to Tang China, from the 7th to the 9th Centuries

The Period of the Three Kingdoms – Youhave been provided with a link to the entirety of chapter 2 in thisbook. That chapter is on the Three Kingdoms Period in Korean History(in this book, transliterated as Baekje, Koguryo, and Silla). But themost important section for the essay will be p. 63-73, “The Culture ofthe Three Kingdoms.”

For additional information regarding formal requirements, see “Guidelines for Your Essays” in the syllabus.

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