Unveiling the Shadows: A Critical Analysis of the True Crime Genre’s Impact and Ethical Dilemmas

Length and format: 5-8 pages (NOT counting the works cited pages) typed and double-spaced in MLA format.

Incorporating sources: Paraphrase, summarize, and use direct quotes from sources to support your points. Use signal phrases and in-text citations to distinguish between your own ideas and material from sources. Put all the sources you used in your essay on a properly formatted works cited page at the end of your essay.

This essay has three parts:

1. Description of the problem. Establish that there is a problem in need of a solution.

2. Proposal for a solution. Describe your solution and explain how it would work. (You don’t have to solve the entire problem. Just try to make a dent in it.)

3. Justification. Convince readers that your solution is necessary, effective, and better than other solutions.

· Find at least three more published sources to develop any areas where you need more background information, counterarguments, or support. (More about sources below.)

· Draft the PROBLEM portion of your essay. Use your own knowledge and sources to explain and illustrate the problem, convincing readers that it’s significant and needs a solution. This section could be several paragraphs and could include some counterarguments and refutation, if there are people who don’t consider your problem a problem. The purpose of this section is to inform and persuade readers.

· Draft the SOLUTION portion of your essay. Clearly explain what you think should be done. THIS WILL SERVE AS YOUR THESIS STATEMENT. Use sources as needed. This section will probably be shorter than the other two. The purpose here is to inform readers about your position on solving the problem.

· Draft the JUSTIFICATION portion of your essay. Use sources and your own experiences, observations, knowledge, beliefs, logic, and ethics to convince readers that your solution is a good one. This section will consist of several paragraphs. It should consider other possible solutions and counterarguments AND make a clear argument in favor of your solution. The purpose here is to persuade readers of your position. Be convincing.

· Draft a conclusion that reinforces your message and reflects on its significance.

· Assemble a works cited page in MLA format (without any annotations).

· Work recursively to improve your writing, returning to your draft daily to make improvements.

· CAREFULLY check your work to ensure that every time you use a source, it is introduced with a signal phrase that leads readers directly to the first word of a works cited entry. If your source has stable page numbers, put the page number in parentheses at the end of the source in your text. Clear distinctions between your own words and ideas and the words and ideas of a source are essential to good research. Enabling readers to quickly locate the source in the works cited page is courteous to readers and evidence that you know how to handle sources.

· Proofread carefully and correct any errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Read aloud for clarity and make any necessary corrections. Eliminate wordiness. Avoid second-person pronouns, unless they’re part of a direct quote. Avoid questions. Be sure everything is formatted correctly.

· Give your essay an ORIGINAL TITLE. The title should reflect the content of your essay and it should interest readers. You will lose points if you don’t give your essay an original title.

ABOUT SOURCES: Use at least EIGHT published sources (missing three sources).

I will expect to see evidence that you’ve read and learned from your sources. Don’t just pull quotes from them to fulfill a requirement. Summarize the source briefly and provide context for any direct quotes.

COUNTER-ARGUMENTS: Because this is an argumentative essay, you’ll need to also include some discussion of counterarguments; then you’ll need to refute them. Keep this in mind as you do your research; you may want to find some sources that oppose your position in order to understand the possible counterarguments.

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