US should give reparations to African Americans

We define the reparations as monetary and social benefits such as stipend payments or tax cuts.
The unjust treatment of african americas refers to America’s history of slavery and general social deprivations in modern day.
● My point is that..
The African American community should NOT receive any reparations in the form of monetary or social benefits. I say this because, first of all, if the African American community receives such reparations, then all other minorities that have suffered should receive such reparations too.
Second of all, that is just not how the world works.
A far more productive approach would be to actively acknowledge and recognize the systemic racism that is still prevalent today, and actively work to diminish this. The African American community is still vastly underrepresented in many areas of the workforce, especially in top level management positions, as well as in certain colleges and fields of study. If we truly want to give back to, and help a community that was once severely oppressed, then we must do so by enforcing change that pushes this community upwards towards the top. Monetary and social benefits will not do anything in the long run, if people’s attitudes, social behavior, and laws do not change. We have established a number of anti-discrimination laws to help combat discrimination against such minority groups, but they are not good enough, and sometimes not properly enforced by legal agencies.
Some ways that may be considered to help eliminate the systemic racism still present across companies, schools, and other institutions, is to start using the double blind method when choosing new employees, when reviewing scientific papers, and when accepting college students. By implementing such methods that are designed to eliminate discrimination, we can help not only the African American community but also all other minority groups, including women, and African American women. If we want to ‘’repair’ what was once done to the African American community, then we have to help push the African American community into all areas of academia, to the top of organization, and make sure they are equally represented in all levels of government.

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