Use of reflective practice and critical thinking

For students to engage in critical reflection using a cultural intentionality approach.Reflective practice is a vital component of the continual development cycle that psychologists engage in, and one which helps to identify gaps in our skill set and how these may be addressed. Critical reflection, the skill set which underpins reflective practice, should be built early in a therapists career, so this assessment task has been designed with this ethos in mind.
The aim of this assessment will be to focus on the use of reflective practice and critical thinking to better understand how your worldview impacts your perceptions, knowledge and interactions with people and how this may influence your professional practice. The assessment is evidence of your development of skills in i) cultural intentionality and reflective practice, and ii) critical thinking.
, will focus on your ability to reflect the worldview that you possess or consider important and how these will influence the development of therapeutic alliance.
In this assessment task, you will reflect on the impact your worldview (e.g., paradigms, personal and , personal tendencies) might have on the development of a therapeutic relationship with diverse clients. To complete this assessment, respond to the prompts below in an . As this is academic writing, ensure you use paragraph structure appropriately and refrain from . References are not required in this task.
Articulate the personal knowledge or experiences(including those related to your own culture, and gained through the subject) that may influence how you work with clientsIdentify beliefs, values, roles, or identity that may influence how you interact with clientsPredict how these factors may influence your approach when working with clients. For example, do the factors make you more or less likely to adopt a certain approach, and does it depend on the situation or client?Critically reflect on the key factors (including cultural considerations/factors), habitual thoughts and behaviours you will need to consider, develop or mitigate if you are to counsel diverse clients in future professional practiceAnalyse how the factors will impact your development of professional relationships with diverse clients.
500 words /- 10%Font size 12Times New RomanStructured paragraphsDouble spaced throughout

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