Using p5 and javascript, create a simple smiley face

The purpose of this assignment is to get you started writing simple lines of code in JavaScript. It will be done making something artistic – not always the end use case of code, but coding can be a way to express yourself! This assignment will have you writing commands, or lines of code that do something, and variables, which are lines of code that help you create and store data. As a first assignment, this is deceptively easy. Future assignments will require more effort and time.
It is expected that you do this work without referencing material beyond those employed in the class. (i.e., not using stack overflow or other resources to find exact solutions to the problems posed).
In this assignment and each future assignment you will be asked to create an algorithm (or plan) for your code, which will be shown in your comments in the code itself. You may also wind up doing some of your thinking on paper before turning it into a plan you can create code for. Additionally, you will be required to write a brief reflection on your experience.
 Submit a word document that includes :
1-your code 
2- A reflection on the process you employed to get to this outcome (how did you plan your code, what resources did you use, where did you struggle, what were your takeaways / insights?) 
3-The planning material you used for your program (pseudo code, algorithm development, drawings/sketches/flowcharts)
View Rubric 

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