Vietnam War Worksheet Why Did President Truman Refuse Ho Chi Minh S Requests For Help Against The French History Homework Help

answer all questions with at least 3 sentences
1- Why did President Truman refuse Ho Chi Minh’s requests for help against the French?
2- What attracted the Chinese and the French to Vietnam?
3- Why did some members of Congress believe that the Tonkin Gulf Resolution was unconstitutional?
4- Why did minority and poor Americans serve in Vietnam in large numbers?
5- What role did college students play in the antiwar movement, and how did the government respond?
6- What were the costs of the Tet Offensive?
7- How did the 1968 presidential election reflect Americans’ feelings about the war?
8-Which of President Nixon’s policies led to renewed antiwar protests?
9- What impact did the Vietnam War have on the president’s ability to direct U.S. military forces?
10-Who is George Wallace and why is he important?

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