Visual Narratives of Impact: A Timeline of Influential Posters from 1933 to the Present

For this assignment, you will be creating a visual narrative timeline using images of posters that changed the public conversation. You should include information about what was going on in the world when each poster was designed and what happened after. Your timeline should show how posters, viral posters, memes, etc., continue to impact and reflect society’s concerns.

Part One: Research and Collection

Research a major historical occurrence, cultural phenomenon, or artistic movement. It must have taken place sometime between 1933 and the present. Also, a specific poster (or poster campaign) must have played a crucial role.
Determine which events were the most significant in your selected historical, cultural, or artistic happening. You must include a minimum of five events.
Think critically about each event and why it is important.
A major portion of your grade will be how well you explain or demonstrate the connection between events and designs.
Write 1-2 short sentences about each event stating why it is an important milestone.
Include the text as part of the timeline.
Be certain that your text is clear and concise.
Create or acquire graphics for the timeline.
You must include one for each event, for a total of at least five graphics.
Graphics may be photos and/or your own vector creations.
At least one of the images must be of a poster (or poster campaign) that played a crucial role in your selected historical, cultural, or artistic happening.
If you didn’t create the graphics, and they are not in the public domain, then you must include the Creative Commons licensing, or cite the sources for images used.
Part Two: Designing the Timeline

Layout each event on a timeline (either horizontally or vertically) using Illustrator. Each event must have a year, text, and graphic.
Dimensions of your timeline must meet the following specifications:
1366 pixels wide (the Web Preset).
Your timeline should reflect the following design considerations:
Use appropriate typography and color harmonies.
Use sufficient white space so that text and graphics aren’t crowded together.
Be aware of contrast, alignment, hierarchy, balance, and unity.
Scale the timeline uniformly so that it is easy to see the pace of development.
Provide creativity and originality in execution and design.
Please download Creating a Document in Illustrator for additional help on how to create a timeline.
Creating a Document in Illustrator

For more information on image citation and information on image citation in APA Guide.
Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

Save your work as an AI file. Then, save a copy as a PDF file. Submit the PDF file.

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