Visualizing Knowledge: Mapping the Literature Review of Selected Dissertation in CLED 830 – Week 2 Assignment

CLED 830

Week 2 Literature Map Assignment Instructions


A literature map is helpful to visualize how an author has put together his/her review and notice the important interrelationships between literature streams. This may prove to be a beneficial step in organizing and writing your own literature review.


You will choose one of the dissertations you have read so far in the course and create a visual map of its literature review (chapter 2 of the dissertation). Think of the map as a visual representation of the outline to chapter 2. This could be in the style of a concept or mind map. Make sure each literature stream of the review is included visually within your map, and you have represented interrelationships between literature streams/topics that the author noted. You will likely have sub-topics under most topics represented in the literature map. Include two to three foundational sources (author and date only) for each literature stream/topic or sub-topic.

Include a title page in APA format, and the first page prior to the map itself should include the APA formatted reference of the dissertation, dissertation title, research purpose statement, and research questions. The map itself must include the dissertation title and research purpose visually.

The final document needs to include a title page, first page with the above stated information included, and then the third page (or more) for the map. The assignment can be created within Word or another program useful to these assignment requirements but must be uploaded to the course site either as a Word document or PDF.

1. Title page (APA formatted)

2. First page (should include: APA formatted reference of the dissertation, dissertation title, research purpose statement, research questions)

3. The map (should include the dissertation title and research purpose)

See the description above for further understanding of the map requirements and expectations.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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