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SPSS is a statistical analysis software that is composed of tools that makes manipulation and calculation of large, small, and complex data possible and easier and excels in speed and data performance. Whereas, excel is spreadsheet software that is focused on managing and storing data, where data manipulation is possible but slow and not as effective as SPSS but excels in a reduction in data redundancy. Furthermore, SPSS has more statistical test and output availability compared to excel (Corty, 2016; Ozgur et al., 2015).
SPSS database is easier and quicker to access statistical functions, such as descriptive statistics, and the program contains a wide variety of charts and graphs. The program also has a variety of statistical tests that can do advance and complex manipulation of data, such as ANOVA, Bayesian statistics, t-test, linear models, correlate, regressions, log-linear, non-parameter test, and can recode and sort data. Whereas excel can do basic manipulation of statistical test which is acquired through add-ins and they do not have as much statistical test options as SPSS. Additionally, when SPSS is used, the resulted data is produced in an output that does not interfere with the original data and can be further manipulated. Whereas excel, the resulted data is placed within the same worksheet with the possibility of overwriting original data. Lastly, SPSS is expensive, and training is longer and harder, while excel is cheaper and easier to acquire and training (Corty, 2016; Ozgur et al., 2015).
Excel is a preferable choice, for instance, the ability to sort and filter data, through the use of pivot tables, and excel allows multiples methods for exporting and importing data. Additionally, the rows and columns are easier to manipulate and the ability to create custom formulas to manipulate data is easier. Additionally, excel is mainly based on algebra, calculus, statistic, and advance statistics as its basis for data manipulation. Also, excel can be used for other tasks other than statistical functions (Corty, 2016; Ozgur et al., 2015).
SPSS is a preferable choice, if you want an analysis of large complex and advance data at a faster pace and shorter time frame. For instance, if you want to recode a variable into a different format such as male and females to 1 and 2, the SPSS will be able to recode the data and produce the new data without altering the original data (Corty, 2016; Ozgur et al., 2015).
For instance, let us say someone wanted to compute a one-sample test, if excel was chosen, a lot of independent calculation will be required before getting a result, whereas, with SPSS, you will only need to select the variable and the software will generate the data (Corty, 2016; Ozgur et al., 2015).

Corty, E. (2016). Using and interpreting statistics: A practical text for the behavioral, social, and health sciences (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Macmillan Learning.
Ozgur, C., Kleckner, M.,

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