Week 8 DQ 2 Response Gwen Mendez

I used the DC Network to locate information about the 10 Strategic Points, the Prospectus template, the Proposal template, and the Dissertation template.Each of these have their own purpose.For instance, the 10 Strategic Points are for identifying the research topic, literature review, problem statement, research questions, the phenomena or variables, the research methodology and design, the data collection process, the data analysis process, and the purpose statement which are all the foundation of the birth of each doctoral students dissertation (Grand Canyon University, 2016).The Prospectus template is for the doctoral student to utilize as a road map for the final dissertation that will assist with the creating of the dissertation proposal which will expand on the previous 10 Strategic Points (Grand Canyon University, 2017).The proposal template is for the continued expansion of both the 10 Strategic Points and the Prospectus which will also include a table of contents, list of tables, list of figures, completed chapter one, completed chapter two, completed chapter three complete, references, appendix A, appendix B, appendix C, and appendix D (Grand Canyon University, 2015b). The Dissertation template is for the completed dissertation with the additional signature pages, verification page of original work, abstract, dedication, and acknowledgement, completed chapter four, and completed chapter five (Grand Canyon University, 2015a).I have a plan to interact with these documents throughout my doctoral student journey.I have already started my 10 Strategic Points in previous classes here and there and then it came to a full circle with much clarity in my first residency.However, I have and will continue to update it as I continue along this journey and find more updated or even more solid articles to be the foundation of my dissertation.In addition, I had started on my prospectus but still have a long way to go.My goal is to get it done prior to my next residency which will be the summer of 2018.The purpose of each document is to help the doctoral student to create, develop, and complete the dissertation since each document assists with the next document in the journey.I will interact with each of these documents as I progress through each one of my classes to incorporate it into my dissertation.
Please provide a 250 word response to the above question. Please also use at least 1 peer reviewed article as a reference and please list reference in paper in APA 6th edition format.

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