Week 8 written assignment | English homework help

This week’s assignment is another professional memo. Now that you’ve done it once, whatever little formatting issues you might have had the first time shouldn’t be an issue at all this time. But as a reminder, here are the memo formatting instructions:For this memo, you are acting as a consultant for an organization that is going through the process of “incident response planning”, in other words, they are planning what the organization will do in case of a cyber attack.
Your job is to inform them about the pros and cons of working with law enforcement when a breach occurs.
You read some about this in the textbook, and then again in the outside readings.
Your memo must have two sections:
The first section must present two reasons why the organization should work with law enforcement.The second section must present two reasons why they might be better off not involving law enforcement.Each of these sections must be at least 100 words.
 The content of this memo may not vary depending upon the organization you are working for. But if you want to write something specific about a particular organization, you are welcome to do that.

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