Week3 project2 | Information Systems homework help

Complete this lab in the Maryville Virtual Applications. Within your Course Resources, you have access to the instructions needed to access eLumin and Maryville Virtual Applications.
 Reach out to your instructor or the Maryville Help Desk if you are having difficulties accessing the software for this course. 
Keystroke logger software, often called keylogger or key logger software, is software that logs, or documents everything you do within your computer. For the average everyday computer user, this may feel intrusive, but there are legitimate uses of keyloggers. In this discussion, research the following:

What are the benefits and drawbacks of keyloggers?
When might they be of use within personal computing or business environments?
How are they detected and how does one mitigate uses of the technology?

Try it out: within the virtual machine (not on your personal computer), explore how it works and detects your activity within the VM.

Connect to the GUI of the Cyber Tools VM in your Maryville Virtual Applications.
Open the Windows Start Menu and type in “Spyrix”. Open the Spyrix Free Keylogger software.
Once open, make sure “Start” is selected and open a new browser window within the VM. Randomly explore websites, try typing in Google searches, etc.
Once you’ve interacted for a few minutes, go back to Spyrix and see how well it documented your work within the VM. Take a few screenshots demonstrating the captured information.

What did you find? What surprised you? What do you see as the benefits and drawbacks of this type of software?
Write a full page discussing how you would attempt to put a key logger on a target’s system (either hardware or software keylogger), what information you would be interested in extracting, and how you would extract it. Additionally, discuss best methods for detecting and preventing keyloggers and other spyware running on a network.
This is the next chapter of your lab book for the semester. Each Lab Assignment is a new chapter in your lab book.
Your lab book chapter each week should include:

Cover Page
Introduction of the lab assignment
Screenshots that dialogue your lab experience/ what you learned during the exercise
Conclusion of the lab assignment
Independent Research – expanding the topic.. ( For example this week, we are focusing on the VM, an appropriate expansion may be discussing why we use a VM, uses of VM’s, history of VM’s, NextGen VM’s… etc)

A Helpful Message regarding the projects/ lab assignments…   
Yes, we normally provide steps to follow and a general direction of what is necessary to complete the assignment…..   but they are not recipes…   they are diving boards for exploration.   Sometimes things do not work perfectly…  that’s OK..  note it in your lab book and continue.   The intent is to provide the general direction…  the assignment is intended for you to run with it and learn!!   

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