What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using An Acquisition To Implement A Business Strategy Compared With A Joint Venture Business And Finance Homework Help

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using an acquisition to implement a business strategy compared with a joint venture?

The CEO of a small start-up firm has just been contacted by a potential acquirer, who is offering to buy the firm for a very attractive purchase price. However, the CEO refuses to provide any data on her firm until the potential buyer provides her with three years of signed Federal income tax statements, personal bank statements, and a net worth statement. Why? Is the CEO being reasonable? What alternatives does she have if the buyer refuses to provide this information?

Following due diligence, the buyer is concerned about the outcome of pending litigation facing the seller. The potential impact over the next three years if the firm were to lose the lawsuits could be as high as $4 million. How can the buyer protect herself against this potential liability if she acquires the target firm?

Identify at least 3 criteria that might be used to select a manufacturing firm as a potential acquisition candidate? A financial services firm? A high technology firm?

Discussion the various activities conducted during post-closing integration. Of the various activities conducted during post-closing integration, which do you believe is the most important and why?

What is the purpose of the buyer and the seller performing due diligence? What other parties might want to perform due diligence on the target firm?

What are the common methods for integrating corporate cultures? Of these, which do you believe would be the most important? Explain your answer.

answers can be 100 to 150 words – or less if an answer is fully explained.
WORD document please

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