What Did You Learn From The Videos You Chose Or How Did The Ted Talks Change The Way You Think About Something

Please choose at LEAST two of the following TED Talks and watch them:
Julia Sweeney’s TED Talk titled, “It’s time for The Talk.” (Links to an external site.)
Sue Jaye Johnson’s TED Talk titled, “What we don’t teach kids about sex.” (Links to an external site.)
Peggy Orenstein, “What young women believe about their own sexual pleasure.” (Links to an external site.)
Christian Rodriguez’s TED Talk, “What teen pregnancy looks like in Latin America.” (Links to an external site.)
Amy Adele Hasinoff’s TED Talk titled, “How to practice safe sexting.” (Links to an external site.)
Mandy Len Catron’s TED Talk titled, “Falling in love is the easy part.” (Links to an external site.)
In your discussion, write about your reaction to the video and answer questions in the instructions.
In your discussion, please be sure to answer the following questions:
– Tell us about the videos you chose to watch.
– What did you learn from the videos you chose, or how did the TED Talks change the way you think about something?
– Identify and write about some of the different challenges associated with different ages and stages of sexual development. How do issues relating to sexuality change and stay the same during different ages and periods of life?

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