who is better served by the government -workers

who is better served by the government -workers(especially those who are poor) or the rich?EXPLAIN
cite specific examples and government policies that illustrate your arguments .counter the idea of one who would disagree with you .discuss and tie your arguments to government policies that help workers/the poor such as its funding of community colleges,social security,food stamps,and public transportation.
here an outline that might be helpful :
definitions :
1-Filibuster: filibuster- a parliamentary device used by a U.S. senator to prevent a vote on an issue or to gain support for altering it. A filibuster can be stopped by sixty members voting to end it. (cloture). (Note: In the past, a filibuster was carried out by speaking for an unlimited amount of time.)
2-executive agreement: An agreement reached by the president with a foreign country that is often secret and that is legally equal to a treaty, but does not require senate approval as does a treaty. It lasts for the term of the president. Usually, his successors will adhere to it.
3-Veto:  rejection of a piece of legislation by a chief executive (e.g. president or governor) One will state his or her reasons for objecting to the bill. (A two-thirds majority vote in both the House and the Senate is required to overcome a presidential veto.)
4-Impeachment: (In the U.S. national government) an accusation against an office holder by a majority in the House of Representatives. It gives rise to a trial in the Senate to determine whether or not he/she should be removed from office and disqualified from holding any office in the future.
Thesis statement: richer are the ones better served by the us government .
·      1-Examples and government policies that illustrate my arguments. . “Documents show that Wal-Mart encourages its workers to apply for food stamps and other social welfare benefits. One study by a Democratic congressman found that each Wal-Mart that employs 200 people costs taxpayers $420,750 per year in public assistance.14 Wal-Mart also pits communities against one another to garner tax breaks and other subsidies from local governments. Hungry for sales and property taxes, local governments are put in the perverse position of subsidizing the largest corporation in the world in order to drive down wages in the local economy, giving new meaning to the term corporate welfare”
·      “Meanwhile, large corporations and wealthy elites exercise disproportionate power. Under the Bush presidency, the nation’s energy policy was literally written by the oil companies and massive tax breaks were given to the wealthiest Americans, even as the budget deficit soared.”
·      Mention the idea of one who would disagree with you
        The richer are not better served by the government because they pay high taxes that served the poorer.
1-   Discuss and tie your arguments to government policies that help workers /the poor such as its funding of community colleges social security, food stamps, and public transportation.

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