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Write a 1,100-word Project Implementation Plan (this is an individual assignment using the concepts from the Team assignment…this is individual work, not a group effort) for the organization. The Project Implementation Plan must include the following two sections:1) Project Communications Plan: Your plan should:
Discuss the communication models, mediums, and methods that will be employedinclude/discuss a Data Flow Diagram.
2) Risk Analysis Plan: Your plan should:
Discuss/list the project risksDiscuss risk analysis tools and techniquesDiscuss sources of the identified riskDiscuss/Provide a risk probability and impact assessment
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines (intro/closing paragraphs, etc). Tables may be used to format and organize the implementation plan. They can be included within the plan rather than at the end as normally required by APA guidelines. Words used in the tables/charts do not count against the word count.Note: Do not just put a chart/table in your paper without explaining what it is the reader is looking at; in other words a table does not replace words used to discuss the topics, it enhances it.Note: Need to apply the concepts/plans for the Barn Project, this is not a research paper on how communications work. So for example do not just provide a general Data Flow Diagram from the Internet, this needs to be specific to your Barn project.Submit the assignmentResources
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