Write A Project On Uracil Aromsticity And Nucleoside Formation Reaction Of Aldehyde Keytones Write A Report On Real Life Examples Drugs Biological Products Etc Which Undergo Reaction Or Synthesis 1

write a project about the topic above (1) write a draft. (50 points) (2)write a 2-3 page report. Paper should include. (a) brief background /introduction (10 points) (b)reactions which involves the compound or synthesis of the the compound (25 points) Identify starting material (functional group) product (functional group) reagents/conditions etc. (c) Mechanism of reaction or synthesis: flow of arrows, intermediates, formal charges and explanations. (20 points) (d)Creativity: any stereospicific and or regiospecific information. Any other special notes. (10points) (e)Spectroscopy: Identify what signals will be observed in H1NMR, C13NMR, IR, and MS (20points) (f)grammar and format (10 points) (g) References in proper APA format (5 points)

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